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You want to invest to grow fast and earn more money, than you should read this!

2015.11.10 14:25:27

Good bonus for invest in Goldenbattles


when u want invest here in game, than is this article the right for you.

I can give you more bonus than the other here in game.

I can give u follow Bonus:

Bonus for following invest:

- For 1 -9.99 € you get 3% Bonus

- For 10€ - 19.99€ you get 5% Bonus

- For 20€ - 30€ you get 8% Bonus

- For more than 30€ you get 11% Bonus


How works it?

1. You contact me in game or better in sykpe: masterbo007

2. You say how much want u invest

3. You need a an account from the officiell site of GB

4. We make the transfer the money. You send me your money and i sent you the GWC in your new account by

5. Read this and you know how you can change this in Goldenbattles


When you had questions than ask me!

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