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ELLINAS 2015.10.01 23:17:02
Aggressive Aliens

Do not fight Aggressive aliens because needs two shoots and you loose CP and that means less power

ELLINAS 2015.10.01 19:39:38
ARENA, fight with your friends against the Alien..

Fight Arena is dedicated for players organised in team

ELLINAS 2015.10.01 19:15:27

So, to know when you will be able to beat each level different, alien, you should use Damage Calculator:

ELLINAS 2015.10.01 16:32:01

The most important way to increase your damage, is making Practice

ELLINAS 2015.10.01 21:32:53

Beginners players (level 7 or less) are welcome to fight in the Training Battles.

ELLINAS 2015.10.01 19:31:22

Battles are fought on the actual map of the attacked city. To fight in a battle players have to be in the City where the battle is fought.

ELLINAS 2015.10.01 19:07:25
RAID, (helps you climb levels, faster..) can take part in RAID (anytime you want, can join with us...), you got 45 xp and that is helping you to climb levels faster, also you got Boosters, that can use it when you travel by car, to makes your trip faster and 10 Blue and Red pills, that can transformed into stamina,