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Arena Arena Fights Alien

ARENA, fight with your friends against the Alien..

2015.10.01 19:39:38

Fight Arena is dedicated for players organised in team

Fight Arena is dedicated for players organised in team. 

To be able to start a fight with your team, you have to join the arena first. 

Get organised, make a team with your friends and defeat other players (team). 

You can gather items, money and winning store points as rewards. 

The duration for an arena is 1 hour.


There are 2 types of arena:


Country arena (6 players): 

    Every country's capital city has its own Arenas (1 for every grade).

   You can enter and leave for FREE, if you are located in the capital city. 

    Otherwise, if you are outside of the capital, you can use your Country Arena Ticket to join 

    from your current location (with arena ticket, you don't have to travel there). 

    Every country arena is grade dependent, you can join only arena with the same grade as you.



Game arena (10 players): 

   Game arena is open for everybody, no restriction regarding your grade, 

   but you can join only with Game Arena Ticket which cost 0.01 EURO



Check the table bellow for the arena size and organization time.



Only full arena will start! 

If both teams are not full and ready, the arena will be cancelled

Join your team:

To join a team, click the Join Attacker team or Join Defender team button. 

This will pop up the joining window:


By default, every player is hidden until the start of arena. 

You can join your team for free if you acknowledge that other players can identify you and they can see your player name and profile image.

There is also an option if you want to hide and stay anonymous. 

Take your decision now, because later your visibility cannot be changed.



The anonymity fee is distributed between arena fund (50%) and game fund (50%)


Fighting in arena:

To start the fight, you have to click the: Start fighting button.


The main concept of the arena fight is to attack 

or defeat the arena alien. 

Players in Attacker's team have to reach 100% of arena damage, 

while Defender's team goal is to reach 0%. 

Each team will start with 50% of value. 

When the players in attacker's team reach 100%, the arena is closed and the winner will be the attacker's team. 

The same way works for players in defender's team, if they reach 0%, the arena is closed and the winners will be the defender's team.

Each player is fighting individually, buy they damage values 

are accumulated and will count in team's damage percent. 

In the History section, players can see the last 4 shots 

(if the hitter player joined anonymously, his details will be hidden).




The stamina pack fee is distributed between arena fund (50%) and game fund (50%)


Arena winnings:


At the end of the arena the most successful fighters (TOP3) will get a money prize depending on their ranking.


1st placed player gets 50% of the Fund

2nd placed player gets 35% of the Fund

3rd placed player gets 15% of the Fund


The list is not complete, for actual winnings click the 

"Show Arena prizes" button at Fights -> Arena".


The damage you are doing on Arena, is adding to your Military Damage and helping you to change Military Rank..


Military Ranks:

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