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Practice Practice Fights Aliens PP


2015.10.01 16:32:01

The most important way to increase your damage, is making Practice

 (is at Fights page..),

and you can start it when you are at least level 7.
Go Fights, press Practice and press Physical heat.
When you have 10 PP (practice points) you can kill aliens level 8, 9, 10,
but only those have Vurnelability (put your mouse on and will appears a board show Vurnelability 99%).
With this system you have xp 8, 9, 10 points each battle
so you can climb up to level faster ...
When you have money in the future, buy a Sniper LQ from market, 
that gun you will using only for Practice because is better.
When you want to use it, go Possessions, Invertory, Weapons, Used, 
you mark Sniper and press: Swap weapons
(so, Sniper become Primary)
Go Fights, press Practice and press Physical heat
When have Success, return and make Pistol your primary gun again.
Βut you must make the Practice every day, if you loose a day, 
you loose points..
..sometimes you get heart and loose Hp...
then you must use War Food...
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