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Player vs. Aliens Damage Damage Calculator Aliens Fight


2015.10.01 19:15:27

So, to know when you will be able to beat each level different, alien, you should use Damage Calculator:


Fill in the following information each time .. 

for example I have put the following:



   Υour experience: you put your Xp points

   Your grade: you are I

   Leaders experience: the Xp of your Leader

   HP, EP: yours...

   PP: this are the Practice points, you will have it after level are 0

   Weapon: you mark the Pistol (or other, if you use...)



   Prestige items: you mark what of all that you have...



   Alien: HP: the Hp of the alien you want to hit..

          Defense: the PD of the alien you want to hit..

          Trapnet: you put: No trapnet

          Type of hit: you put Physical 

                       (if you use Launcher, you put: Electromagnetical)


and after that show:  Stamina required to kill alien with 1 shoot:

                         You can kill alien with 1 stamina or more

If you need more stamina, will show, examble:

                You can kill alien with 3, 5, 8 stamina or more


Do not fight Aggressive aliens because needs two shoots and you loose CP 

and that means less power.

Go to Profile, GUI, mark all squares exept the 1st, Logout and Login again

Fight only aliens NO Aggressive:  


but if you loose Hp or Cp, then go to: Possessions, Invertory,

mark: Show only items that i have on stock

and choose: War food and press: Eat now and after choose: War drink 

and press: Drink now...until you refil your Cp and Hp...


and for players until level 7,

fight only the alien Desert Hunter until level 5...

or the Golden Bug [Exercise], to collect White pills..

and do Training Battles, everyday...

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