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Raid Raid Fights Alien win Xp

RAID, (helps you climb levels, faster..)

2015.10.01 19:07:25
Google+ can take part in RAID (anytime you want, can join with us...), you got 45 xp and that is helping you to climb levels faster, also you got Boosters, that can use it when you travel by car, to makes your trip faster and 10 Blue and Red pills, that can transformed into stamina,

you must go:

and you fill in the form, how many pills you want to use:


Go: Fights & Wars, Raid

It is a group of 10 players,

where they fight the leader of the aliens and every raider takes rewards, blue and red pills (which can transformed into Stamina),

Teleport and Speed Boosters used to travel faster by car (or by plane).


To join the group, traveling in the country where is the RAID

(every one and a half hour goes in different random city ..),

press: Join team


(there is a time-limit, till you enter in the team, see: Join time) 


and then press the: Ready


Also do not forget to mark: Auto refresh, to put it in On 



Once automatically open the window of the battle, 

hit with Physical hit, as you do when you fight the other alien ...


and when killed the alien, you receive the reward:



A trip can be done by pressing the "Change Location", 

Top of the page , after you choose where you want to go..

Υou have 2 ways to travel: by Teleport or by Car

If use Teleport you press: Get there instantly


PS1. buy also one piece of Armor, helps you not loosing CP, very fast, when you are raiding.. 


PS2. i suggest you, when you raid, let your stamina refill with the game-time.. (every 20 minutes...) or use first the blue pills..



If travel by Car (when a country is near of the last raid country, you can rent car to win a teleport more..

for examble: Romania - Moldova - Kosovo):



I am in Romania, in Bucharest and I want to go to Timisoara,

so, i choose with the arrow keys to my destination,

in list shows what will be the duration of the trip,

after i click the cheapest car (cars with yellow sign, means that this car has fewer kilometers remaining than is required for the trip, 

so it can not be used).

After, press Travel and top right of the page, it will show how long will I get .. (arrival time: ...)


CAUTION: Some rents are deliberately very expensive,

              because the owners do not want to rent but use it by theme selves..

              ask an experienced player to tell you until what price is reasonable..


PS3. the car-option (i suggest, no more than 0.05 euro) 

       you can use it when the raid is near to the country you are, so, you can win a teleport more...

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