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2015.10.01 19:31:22

Battles are fought on the actual map of the attacked city. To fight in a battle players have to be in the City where the battle is fought.

Humans are envious, desirous, they want to take from others what they don't have (or have less): materials, resources and ... land.

Country borders don't matter anymore, they will cross it, attack and get what they want.

A handful of soldiers have lost their patience, they are not willing to wait on their Leaders and Government to take decisions, they decided to go rogue.

These soldiers have trained in District 9, they will fight battles for a City in a way they learned there.

They will advance step-by-step, take out the buildings and defender soldiers one-by-one.


The Battle Map looks similar to the one in District 9, but now instead of aliens there are walls that need to be demolished:


Battles are fought on the actual map of the attacked city.

To fight in a battle players have to be in the City where the battle is fought.

Battles are fought on a grid consisting of hundred squares aligned 10*10

Battle Area needs to be entered from DMZ. Attackers start on the left, Defenders on the right side.

Every square has wall with a minimum "health" of 10000 and maximum of City citizens number multiplied by 1000.

Traveling between squares takes 1 minute/square and only owned squares or squares neighbored by owned squares are accessible.

After a square is conquered it regains its full "health", a new wall is built for the winning side.


An overview of the battles is available below the Battle Map:


Battle duration is at least 24 hours.

The winner side is decided based on the number of owned squares.

Battles is prolonged if at the end both sides have 50-50 squares.


Each side of the Battle can be motivated. This is done by donating gold to a separate Battle Fund.

Donation can be done by countries (on behalf of the President) or players.


Separate Fund distribution is as follows:


- Winning side separate Fund is added fully to Battle Fund and distributed according to the rules.


- Losing side separate Fund is distributed as follows:

10% is added to Battle Fund

10% is added to Game Fund

80% is sent back to the country which received the donation


After the Battle is finished the Battle Fund is distributed between the TOP 10 Fighters of the winning side as follows (losers get nothing):

Place 1: 28%

Place 2: 18%

Place 3: 12%

Place 4: 9%

Place 5: 8%

Place 6: 7%

Place 7: 6%

Place 8: 5%

Place 9: 4%

Place 10: 3%


The current score is visible below the Battles overview list:



Score is calculated based on the number of hits, as follows:

- 9 points for 1 hit by I grade player

- 10 points for 1 hit by H grade player

- 11 points for 1 hit by G grade player


Total damage dealt in the Event will be summed up and calculated to the War Military ranks.

Military ranks:


Each rank will raise damage output.

Changing citizenship will result of starting a new ranking count for the new country.

When changing citizenship old ranks will remain but inactive, if citizen returns to country citizenship where he obtained the ranks they will become active again.


Enlisted ranks (raise damage output by 5% more for every level)


(Rank - From damage)


Private - 100 000

Private Second Class - 150 000

Private First Class - 240 000

Corporal - 408 000

Sergeant - 734 400

Staff Sergeant - 1 395 360

Sergeant First Class - 2 790 720

Warrant Officer - 5 860 512

Senior Warrant Officer - 12 893 126

Chief Warrant Officer - 30 000 000


Officer ranks (raise damage output by 10% more for every level)


Second Lieutenant - 100 000 000

First Lieutenant - 150 000 000

Captain - 240 000 000

Major - 408 000 000

Lieutenant Colonel - 734 400 000

Colonel - 1 395 360 000

Brigadier General - 2 790 720 000

Major General - 5 860 512 000

Lieutenant General - 12 893 126 000

Colonel General - 30 000 000 000 

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