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2015.10.01 21:32:53

Beginners players (level 7 or less) are welcome to fight in the Training Battles.

Beginners players (level 7 or less) are welcome to fight 

in the Training Battles.

Wear rate of weapon is not reduced,

but an equipped weapon is needed to participate.

Stamina is not decreased.

It is not needed to travel there, players can participate regardless of their current location.


To enter the Training Battle page just click the displayed banner,

which is located in the Home menu and looks like this: 


The following page is displayed 


First step is to join by clicking the Join battle (random side) button.

Game will assign you randomly to the Resistance (red) or Defense (green) side,

f.ex. you are fighting to Resistance side:


After join, click the Refresh Map button, and the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

will be displayed on the left or right side of the command buttons. 


Click on a DMZ square and then Change position to enter the battlefield.

Position buttons will then be displayed which have to used to move around the map. 


Select an enemy square and travel there to destroy their wall. 

Once arrived, refresh map and click the little magnifier icon to zoom in 

and have a clear shot at the wall. 


Once the wall is demolished, the square will be owned by your side, 

a wall to defend it will be built automatically.

Battle will go on at least 24 hours, and will be prolonged 

until one side owns 60% of the squares.

It is not possible to change the side you are fighting in. 


Here you can see the current status for the battle


Keep an eye on this time:

The winnings will be distributed once the battle is over 

and you will receive your winnings only if your side is the winner


You can check your current ranking in the bellow list

You can also check the status of the players fighting on the other side


Don't forget to click this button:

if you want to be up to date with the current damage points


Current players toplist and rewards are displayed in the lower part of the screen:

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