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Guardian hunting Materials Money

Guardian - hunting Materials

2015.10.01 23:16:30

If you want to earn more money, go to other city, use Guardian services by paying Gold and from every battle you can receive materials

Just fight only alien lev 1 (is better..), or lev 2, etc...

Just, ask first on your local chat, who is gonna put Guardian,
before you start travelling...
the best materials to hunt are: Oil, Iron, Wood, Grain
because the % of dropping is high..
of course, you can hunt others, too...
..remeber, that when you sell your materials do not sell it at once, 
but until .99, examble:
iron= sale tax is 0.15 and an offer on the market is 0.61
0.61 - 0.15 = 0.46 clear money
so, you sell your iron 2 pieces every time is 0.92 (less than 0.99) and you save the money you pay to your Leader and Mentor,
only pay the country-tax

and if you want to know the sale-taxes for materials, go:
Country, Laws, Sale taxes and choose Materials

To go in pother city you must travel by Car:
for ex.
I am in Romania, in Bucharest and I want to go to Timisoara,
so, i choose with the arrow keys to my destination,
in list shows what will be the duration of the trip,
after i click the cheapest car (cars with yellow sign, 
means that this car has fewer kilometers remaining than is required 
for the trip, so it can not be used).
After, press Travel and top right of the page, 
it will shows how long will I get .. (arrival time: ...)
CAUTION: Some rents are deliberately very expensive,
              because the owners do not want to rent
              but use it by theme selves..
              ask an experienced player to tell you until what price
              is reasonable..
...anytime you want to rent car to travel in other cities 
for hunting materials, i can open you my car with cheaper price from the other cars...
Also, i can lock the car (so, no one can take it) for the time you will be in the current city...and you just tell me when to unlocked, so, you can return.
Remember: is very important you return to capital, because if you leave the car in the city, it will take time to find the next person to bring it back...
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