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2016.06.20 00:42:19

Letters to the Editor: DNALCOL

Letters to the Editor: DNALCOL

"Some time ago I commented with some players, that once the era of "Bono Empire" ended, the nations they should be released.
Today, and in my opinion, it is even more noticeable still this fact.
In one of my writings I mentioned this fact Administrator, or at least that occupied nations were not without capital, without government.
We all remember the situation before the Romanian-Hungarian war, was quite healthy for the game.
The game and nations feed on people playing inside, and we need a lot more people.
As I pointed out long ago, no French player is happy in this game, knowing that Ireland has conquered him; also about the porgueses in Spain, with the Italians in Romania, ect.
There are more reasons: when a player enters the game, even taking mentor and assistants who actually offers help are the leaders of their country, playmates, and they do it in the native language. A French have many problems to be helped by a Romanian, an Italian, a German, ect.
The game, and nations derive their income from the players they have, but also of transactions, changes in currency, car trips, shopping in other countries.
If one country conquer the whole game, that kind of income would be lost, as the actually has been largely lost.
The release of the countries for their own players is frankly difficult because the game starts with your country conquered is very hard, and nobody will want to spend. to liberate his country, at the same enter this game.
I proposed in his day administrator release of all countries by the arrival of aliens; I also proposed another possibility, the concept of country occupied, better than conquered, with the same procedure as before, but leaving the governments of each country, untouched, with its own economy.
Currently, no empire bonus, it is a good time to make other countries began to be born economies and new people into the game.
Increasing the number of players is necessary and essential.
We can not only have great wars, we must increase the number of wars, as well as change the concept to the people of this game.
Attracting people thinking you can win money for free is very good, but the eyes must be open to all, and say that we must work hard in the game to take money (something that new generations have not seen and not they believe).
The game players really are not in this game, and we do not know why. Only players who orient their game to make money, and it is necessary for us to grasp players who like this type of game, they can make money, but also make money when you lose. Currently the players only play if there are clear benefits, there are few players who play for pleasure, for fun.
However, we can go to other games in which they invest money to win and be among the best, which would be the right thing: pay for a game that has behind development and a job.
On this day, added another factor: the materials.
If the administrator does not free nations or change the status of these to have somehow their own leaders and their own groups, we must do it ourselves.
With the absence of materials in most cities and at an affordable price for opening doors Connection for hunters can move, free nations and cities we will provide the possibility of new businesses and / or replacement jobs in cities of nations practically forgotten.
The regents cities, gold boxes, generals, all this adds to the game, and it's good, but it imposes a INVASION OF ALIENS, and again, who wants a city, a nation, have to go kill those aliens , General level, who are behind many of the walls of a city."

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