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2015.11.11 12:55:46

NEW GAME happenings and events day by day

Wednesday, November 11 of 2015.

Good morning everyone and welcome to brief newscast GB

2nd edition of Fresh News and Current GB.
It is aimed at all players, and thus may be a little over a day of the event.
We are always open to all suggestions and look forward reports and messages from all players who want to provide their information.

ADMINISTRATION: Today we have a question for the government. Christmas is coming, and we want to know if you time to prepare some small event, or at least some special decoration in GB. We will respond GB address?

PRESS Heart.
Latest Information. There was a change of nationality of the player DNALCOL; Spanish now.
We have been leaked, has told us, it is said in the world of the heart, in tabloid magazines, which went to Romania Dnalcol legs Ralfi; but he has never seen more than his legs, so he's gone again.
Ralfi is a lady in these matters. Well done Ralfi.
 An attempt was made to have the opinion of Dnalcol about it, inviting him to an interview, but politely refused the interview has.

But we all know: ROSA PRESS always lies.

TOURNAMENT APRENDIZAJE.- This wording warns some good new players. Good promises repeated in the tournament.
Today the tournament is still dominated by the Hungarians: idontknow and Milou.
We support these new players starting. Out and perseverance, guys.

The day of last night, appearing as Ralfi first, Adrian, Hungary player, in his own team, step ahead of the Ralfi said. But the player went to the wall panel, and returned to the first position, which does not leave. Ralfi second win. TRIPLE achieve the goal of victory?

Starting the third assault, and finally getting to triple the reward for victory. Ralfi output, the North and attacking party and ... let's see, Iron output by defending side in the south.
Ovi Romanian player out, big as they come, by the attacking side in the lower area, in line with Iron.
True, the Iron output by the defending side to been to the first cell of its line; shy output. Removing Iron panel; victory in the hands of the attacking party, leaving the panel when his power and in principle Ralfi third victory.
We will wait until tomorrow for that third win real.
But we can ask ourselves the question: auien will go for the three victories after Ralfi?
It will be very interesting to see the initial battle tonight to run for the three triple victories.


GAME HISTORY GB.- This section will be telling events, initial game situations, remembering names of very good players. We aim at new players and the new wave of media players, know as it was before this game, its events, wars, disputes, etc.
Today only name, as sometimes reminds us of the administration, that the beginning could not do just raid, for lack of firepower. Everything was based on 20 minutes of recharging stamina.

That's all for today, and our first day of FRESH AND BRIEFS, straight from the SEA.

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