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How to create articles?

2015.09.23 23:14:08

This tutorial shows you how to create an article in a Magazine company.

  1. step) Select one of your Magazine companies and click on the Articles button. The Manage articles window will be displayed:

  2. step) In the Manage articles window you can see the list of already created articles, you can check their status (Pending, Approved, Declined).
    You can also choose to create New articles or Edit existing ones.

  3. step) Creating a new article or editing an existing one will display the same window, seen below.
    There are 7 requirements that need to be fulfilled before an article can be published, as follows:
    1/7: Type and language: You can choose to create an International (english) article or an article in the language of your company's country
    2/7: Article category and subcategory: You can choose between Real life or Game related categories and subcategories
    3/7: Title: This text will appear with bigger letters, as the title of your article
    4/7: Lead: This is the first paragraph of your article, it will be displayed in the articles list and in the content of your article. A lead image can also be uploaded, which will be displayed only in the list of articles.
    5/7: Content: The content of your article can be rich text or even html.
    It is strongly recomended that you use the options provided by the Content Editor.
    The most useful option is to put the Editor on Full screen, as seen below.
    The HTML content can be seen (and edited) by clicking on Source.

    6/7: Price: You can choose to publish articles which are Free to read, or charge money from every reader. (only free articles are available in the first version; Paper is not consumed yet)
    7/7: Publication time: You can choose to publish an article as soon as it is done, or schedule it for a later publishing.

  4. step) You can choose at any time to Preview your article or to Save it for approval.
    Article approvals are carried out by the Administration Team, at regular intervals.
    You will receive a Notification if your article was approved and published, or an Alert if it was declined (containing the decline reason)
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