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Important rules for new players!

2015.12.06 18:00:16

News for new players

Tipps for free

1. Players schould look if they are registered in an active country.

- Indonesia is dead and player from this country schould make restart in other better countries! You find the restart button under Profile

2. Buy prestige to increase your income!

3. New player schould hunt materials.

- Look if player offer service guard and jobs in this city. Go to this city and hunt the Level 1 Aliens.

4. When you need Stamina than fight againt the Trainings Aliens. You can hunt a lot of materials in the first hours and than try to sell this on market.

5. Look at international markets and maybe you get better offer for your materials

6. Look at international markets when you need new weapons and clothes. You can maybe buy this cheaper!

7. Raids is very important. Look if raids in your city and make raids when it is in your city. You can earn teleports and extra stamina. Later when u have enough teleports and you are stronger u follow raids.



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