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Admin 2017.06.15 11:04:45
Is Ethereum Set to Become the #1 Cryptocurrency?

The Flippening is Nigh

ELLINAS 2015.10.20 21:33:48
Behold the truth about Memorandum, of the most competent lips:

Report European Central Bank: Every Greek lost 17.000 € and made the Germans richest

ELLINAS 2015.10.02 17:49:04
Planed to fail the economical plan for Greece..

Yanis Varoufakis undertook an unprecedented revelation for the negotiation period, when he had said in V.Soimple that the new memorandum would fail and he replied cynically "yes we know it is designed to fail."

ELLINAS 2017.03.26 22:06:39
Greek Economy: Hopes for income more than 1 trillion euros !!

An incredible treasure hidden in the depths of Greek land is the last hope to save Greece and out of the maze of the memoranda, and talk naturally for hydrocarbons, ie oil and gas. It is the only solution that occurs to reset the debt, bringing the growth and create new jobs.

ELLINAS 2015.10.05 00:28:40
Germany has to leave the euro and not Greece

Has long been talk of Greece's exit from the euro and return to the drachma. Highlighted the disastrous consequences of such a move because of the high exposure of banks and insurance funds in "toxic" most government bonds.

asans 2015.09.30 19:33:28
World Bank projects Russian recovery in 2016-2017

The World Bank anticipates a 3.8 percent contraction of the Russian economy in 2015, reflecting lower global oil prices and the impact of Western sanctions on the country.