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Planed to fail the economical plan for Greece..

2015.10.02 17:49:04

Yanis Varoufakis undertook an unprecedented revelation for the negotiation period, when he had said in V.Soimple that the new memorandum would fail and he replied cynically "yes we know it is designed to fail."

The former minister made the disclosure is speaking in French broadcasting. "I will share with you a conversation I had with Wolfgang Schaeuble,

when I was still a minister. Wolfgang, I said, this memorandum will bring us in the same situation we are now in six months,

it is another doomed plan to fail, and he replied: Yes. This is a program that fails, it is designed to fail. "

For the first time the former Finance Ministry reveals in the most straightforward way that V.Soimple and his friends do not want us to "make" people (talking about the German state that is loaded within a few years the scandals of VW, Siemens, MAN , companies in defense material, Deutsche Bank, and seeking to claim the title of champion of corruption), but to destroy us completely economic, national, ethical, and socially for geopolitical reasons that they know and seek.
The G.Varoufakis spoke to A.Tsipra and the reasons for the resignation of the finance ministry: "In late April and early May, I saw Alexis" kneeling "stress.
He had made concessions did not want to do. Just make concessions and that your opponent does similar, there begins the resignation and surrender.
The second important moment of desperation took place after the referendum.
I hoped that the outcome of the referendum will strengthen the position of Greece.
But the night of the referendum, I entered the office of Alexis Tsipras and was totally dejected, she was depressed and I was excited.
The Greeks were courageous and they said no to the Troika, despite the closure of banks and despite the propaganda of the media.
I was disappointed and that is why I resigned. "
When asked for the attitude of the French former minister claimed that France did nothing. "I'll diplomat saying that the role of France was not particularly strong in discussions ... French Finance Minister has very little strength to talk about issues so important!".
That is the former Finance Minister revealed that Germany has even humiliate the strong historical, economic, industrial, and geopolitical, France and makes completely "in charge" in the EU.
Amazingly, we have found many devotees here in Greece passing this line of "good" German that will rid us of the "innate" Our corruption and make us right stateless Europeans.
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