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Watch the world’s largest passenger airliner make a scary crosswind landing

2015.09.24 19:51:36

We’ve seen a bunch of airplane pilots making heart-stopping, death-defying crosswind landings, but that doesn’t make watching similar experiences any less scary, especially if you hate flying

A new video captured over the weekend in Dusseldorf, Germany, shows a huge Airbus A380, which happens to be the world’s largest passenger airliner, making such a landing.

“I have filmed lots of crosswind landings within the past four years, but this was the first time I was able to film an A380 crosswind landing,” YouTube user Cargospotter wrote. “All crosswind landings are amazing but seeing an A380 fighting against the wind was something special.”

On top of the high winds, the runway was very wet, the YouTube user added, saying that the A380 touched the ground “a little late.” The A380 replaced the Boeing 777-300 on the Dusseldorf-Dubai route flown by Emirates four months ago, Cargospotter said.

The giant double-decker airplane holds a maximum of 853 passengers, and it is some 236 feet long and has a maximum takeoff weight of 1.27 million pounds. The A380 has a maximum range of 8,500 nautical miles that allows it to fly non-stop from Dallas, Texas to Sydney, Australia.



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