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Nietzsche for the Greeks: "Nobody could find the poison that will destroy them"

2015.11.14 13:57:39

wrote in 1872 the German philosopher.

 More timely than ever Frederick Nietzsche. In his first book, entitled << The Birth of Tragedy >> (1872), 

in particular Chapter 15, Nietzsche makes a special reference to the Greek nation 

proving that Nietzsche is far ahead of its time.

"Proven in each period of its development the western European civilization tried to free himself from the Greeks.

This effort is imbued with deep resentment, because whatever we created, seemingly original and worthy of admiration,

lose color and life in comparison with the Greek model, syrriknonotane, end up like cheap copy, with caricature.

So again and again a rage soaked with hatred erupts against the Greeks, against this small and arrogant nation,

who had the nerve to call barbarian that he had established in its territory.

None of the recurrent enemies had the good fortune to discover the hemlock,

which we could once and for all get rid of them.

All poisons of envy, hubris, hatred, have been insufficient to disturb the wonderful beauty.

So people continue to feel shame and fear to the Greeks.

Of course, now and then, someone appears that intact recognizes the truth,

the truth which teaches that the Greeks are the charioteers each oncoming civilization

and almost always as the chariots and horses of upcoming cultures is very poor quality compared to charioteers,

who eventually sporty riding his chariot into the abyss, which they overcome with Achilles leap. "


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