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Is this Apollo's head on Mars?

2015.10.06 04:27:29

There was life on Mars? There were intelligent beings on Mars? There was a civilization on Mars? Can this culture have had some relationship with one of the cultures that developed in the Earth? Many paradoxes findings on Mars do not stop to suggest or even to suggest that all this happened.

 In a landscape on the red planet, by Photo of NASA and the Curiosity Rover, in late April 2015, a rock stands out among others.

Clearly we see a head, as distinguished characteristics very eyes, nose and mouth.
It could be Pareidolia? So to see something that looks and resembles the head.

That is a mirage, a play of light and shadows.
But according to the analysis below the video, probably not a Pareidolia but human head,

which in addition has enormous similarities with similar heads of Apollo,

as we've become accustomed to ancient Greek artists sculptures.
Indeed, it is difficult to support one side or the other.

However, you should bear in mind the different findings on Mars,

leading to the conclusion civilization existence on Mars once like the so-called MarsHenge, foundations indications or bridges, the mystery of cut peaks, but also so much more.
The recent announcement of NASA for running water on Mars and therefore life chances, even microbial.
And above all, the measurements of the curiosity which, according to scientific estimates of NASA, mentioning civilization destroyed by nuclear war.
If this rock we see is indeed the worn head of Apollo, does it mean that there was a direct relationship Mars Greeks and residents?

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