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dublup731 2016.05.21 21:44:37
The Secret of Secrets: Tunnels in Bucegi Mountains — Displaying our true history discovered in 2003

The exact origin of the name "Bucegi" is disputed by philologists. "Buceag" or "bugeac" seems to be the source of the name, a word designating in the language of mountain people both the moss in the forest and the wilderness or the junipers

ELLINAS 2015.12.26 19:23:05
The Solon legislation Homosexuality in ancient Greece

What exactly happened in ancient Greece and what is provided for in the laws for those conspicuous through homosexual relationships?

ELLINAS 2015.10.05 01:01:26
What was the Spartan "Agogi"?

The Spartan, from birth until the time of death, was purveyor to serve the State. In light of this principle, the action which was taking aimed at preparing for this purpose, meaning, preparation for war. That was the Spartan "Agogi".

ELLINAS 2015.12.30 05:02:59
1100 Ancient Greek Words in Languages of the Pacific Islands!!

The scientific suspicion that the cultural influence of the ancient Greek navigators in the Far East Asia, Australia and Polynesia - Melanesia - Indonesia, does exist for some time.

ELLINAS 2015.11.29 16:00:41
Who first discovered the North Sea? Did the Minoans?

The Pytheas the 4th century before Christ.

Admin 2015.10.02 09:58:16
Dinosaurs died out because of a giant asteroid and super-volcanoes, study says

Scientists say two theories that have been a bone of contention among experts for 35 years could both be true