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The Solon legislation Homosexuality in ancient Greece

2015.12.26 19:23:05

What exactly happened in ancient Greece and what is provided for in the laws for those conspicuous through homosexual relationships?

 The laws in ancient Greece were clear:

If someone Athenian concluded a homosexual relationship with another will have the following penalties:

1. Not allowed to join the nine lords
2. It is not allowed to be elected priest
3. He is not allowed to be an advocate of the people
4. it may not exercise any authority within or outside of Athens
5. There may be sent as a herald of war
6. You must not expose opinion
7. You may not get into (public) Temples
8. he may not take part in the Olympics, but also at any other struggle
9. Not allowed to enter the sacred space of the Agora (AGORA, the place that everybody talks, freely..)

Therefore anyone who has been convicted of a homosexual act, but instead of the Law shall be punished with DEATH!!


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