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Admin 2016.10.22 09:26:24
What is DNS and why does it make the Internet break?

Today, half of America’s internet shut down when hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host.

ELLINAS 2015.11.14 01:38:22
Autobot: A robot that is overriding bike

Yamaha surprised the audience at the Tokyo Motor Show, presenting a robot that can ... ride a motorcycle.

Admin 2015.10.12 17:01:25
Dell to acquire EMC in $67 billion record tech deal

Computer maker Dell Inc said on Monday it had agreed to buy data storage company EMC Corp.

Admin 2015.10.02 10:01:21
Skype Translator is now rolling out to Windows desktop app

Skype Translator has been in preview since the end of last year, but Microsoft has announced that it has now been made official, and it’s rolling out to users of the Skype for Windows desktop app.

Admin 2015.09.24 15:31:14
Some BMW diesel cars exceed EU pollution limits by 11 times

Some diesel cars of high-end automaker BMW produce dangerous gases that exceed EU anti-pollution limits by up to 11 times, German weekly Auto Bild reported Thursday.

Satana 2015.09.24 01:07:11
Here's what Volkswagen did and how it got caught

Volkswagen is facing huge fines, its reputation is in tatters, and now CEO Martin Winterkorn has stepped down.

ELLINAS 2016.02.01 17:36:12
The first robotic farm is true for Japan

Japan is facing a labor shortage due to the aging population.

Admin 2015.11.09 16:47:53
AMD faces suit over alleged misrepresentation of new CPU

One of the world’s largest computer chip manufacturers is facing a lawsuit over allegations of deceptive marketing.

ELLINAS 2015.10.06 04:32:05
What do you get when talking with mobile in your ear?

The mobile phone that we all have at home, and many speak in this by ear without using a Hands Free

Admin 2015.10.01 15:59:58
A single song could be used to exploit more than a billion Android phones.

A new ‘Stagefright’ vulnerability uncovered by security researchers at Zimperium zLabs could compromise your Android phone just by opening an MP3 file.

Admin 2015.09.24 09:56:23
Mozilla Adds Instant Messaging to Firefox Hello

Mozilla has given users another reason to consider its Firefox Web browser -- the latest update, announced yesterday, adds instant text messaging capabilities to Firefox Hello, the desktop VoIP client it introduced last fall.

Admin 2015.09.23 23:45:20
Introducing 360 Video on Facebook

Starting today, 360-degree videos will begin rolling out in News Feed.