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The first robotic farm is true for Japan

2016.02.01 17:36:12

Japan is facing a labor shortage due to the aging population.

A Japanese company announced that it is launching the first completely automated farm in the world, where robots will do everything from watering until harvest.
By mid-2017, the closed facility will produce 30,000 lettuces a day, explained the company Spread,

which is headquartered in Kyoto and aims within five years to cultivate half a million daily.
The farm area of ​​about 4,400 square meters, will be equipped with shelves from floor to ceiling that will grow lettuce.
The automation would reduce labor costs by about half and the energy costs by almost one third, clarified ex the company's officers, Koji Morisanta.
The lettuce, which are grown without pesticides, containing, as the company claims, more beta carotene than other grown in the classic way

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