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Autobot: A robot that is overriding bike

2015.11.14 01:38:22

Yamaha surprised the audience at the Tokyo Motor Show, presenting a robot that can ... ride a motorcycle.

Contrary to date data, they wanted the "anthropoid" handle small displacement motorcycles,

the Motobot appeared to ... plays a Yamaha R1M, the most sport bike brand motor 1000 cc.

The Motobot combines technology Yamaha's on the bike and robotics in an effort of the department R & D to build a robot rider,

who can handle any joint, without modification, motorcycle on a track without any human intervention.

Little information became known about Motobot.

The press release states that "... the requirement to control complex movements of a motorcycle at high speeds requires a set of control systems must operate

with a high degree of precision ...".

The ultimate goal seems to be the development of security systems for the rider, equivalent to those found today in automobiles.

Systems which will help him not to fall, not out of the way, do not collide with cars,

pedestrians or animals or even to control the movement and camera movement while the control is lost.

High technology moves towards safety and rider protection.

Certainly the motorcycles of the future will differ considerably.

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